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...also, this photo was taken from the driveway in front of Base Camp Guest House.

Revelstoke Base Camp Guest House & Cabins

Located at the base of Boulder Mountain in Revelstoke, BC! We are a full Service Holiday Rental House & Cabins which caters to groups of 2-36 guests! Come and stay in one of our rustic cabins, enjoy the heated floors and creature comforts of the Main House, or soak in one of our 5 Out-Door Hot-Tubs! Whether its a romantic weekend get-away for 2, a ski vacation for a group of 25, or a week-long guided snowmobile adventure...Base Camp Guest House has got you covered!

Frame, Floors, Walls, Windows, Roof...Done!

These guys are moving so fast I can hardly keep up with them.  Cabin #2 is already started and the flooring is going into Cabin #1 Today.  They are doing their job and doing it VERY WELL, in spite of the 37 degree afternoons, and the hordes of hungry mosquitos and the fact that I have been feeding them nothing but the Ketogenic diet since we began this endeavour 3 weeks ago.  

If you aren’t familiar with the Ketogenic diet, it basically consists of a lot of Fats and Protein and ZERO sugars, grains or carbs.  They have a coffee at about 7am with all sorts of healthy fats blended with a raw egg or two.  Another coffee at about 1pm, with all the same good stuff, and a HUGE dinner which includes a lot of pasture raised meat, butter, and some sort of fresh (or cooked) vegetable side dish.  

The first few days were challenging in the energy department but they are over the hump now and reporting lots of energy, improvements in overall mood and  substantial weight-loss for Aaron (who has never tried the keto lifestyle before).

Of we keep going at this rate we might have time for a 3rd Cabin before the first snowfall. Go Team! 


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I got 99 problems and Turmeric ain’t 1... #PerfectBedtimeDrink

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New Website is Up and RUNNING!!!

Yaya!  After a horrible experience with an unprofessional website designer, I’ve gone ahead and created our new website all on my own!  The last 7 days have been late nights and early mornings, dogs not being walked, dishes not being done, floor not being washed and husband not being fed…. but finally, here we are; www.basecampguesthouse.ca is up and running!!!  

…now, if only i can figure out this whole Tumblr thing.   

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