If you are Looking for the perfect spot for your group of 6-10, look no further!  The upstairs Suite is the Creme de la creme in comfort!


Huge Kitchen w/Eat up Bar
Spacious Living-room
Out-door Hot-tub & BBQ
2 FullBathrooms
5 Queen Beds
2 Twin Beds
Heated Floors
In Suite Washer/Dryer
Large Gear Drying Room w/Boot Dryers
Coded Door Locks


Satellite TV.
Bathroom Cleaning
Towel Exchange
Hot-tub Maintenance
Snow Removal
Garbage Removal
Parking for Trucks and Trailers

If being warm and inviting is wrong, we don't want to be right. 


When it all shows up one afternoon and stays for 8 months.

The Proper Protocol is Ride, then Hot-tub, then Master Suite Bliss! 




Queen/Queen Bunks, (when fully loaded) have been known to induce fits of uncontrollable giggling late into the night.  

Keep Persons prone to fits of giggles out of this room as the affliction is fully contagious after midnight.

Revelstoke Accommodations
Mention this photo for a fresh batch of organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free DELICIOUS homemade chocolate truffles!

In the off-chance that you've grown tired of perusing vacation rental sites, here is a picture of our dog 'Olive' (circa 2012). 

*If this is not the cutest thing you've ever seen, you might be a little dead inside.  

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