Take the Whole hOUse!

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The Main House is the ideal accommodation                    

for groups of up to 18 guests!  

Is your group larger then 18?  We have cabins too!!!


Two Fully Equipped Kitchens 
3 Bathrooms
2 Livingrooms 
4 Bedrooms
2 Hot-tubs
2 BBQ's
7 Queen & 4 Twin Beds 


Heated Floors
Satellite TV
Bathroom Cleaning, Towel Exchange, Garbage Removal
Hot-tub Maintenance
Snow Removal
Parking for Trucks and Trailers

Upstairs suite.

People tend gather where the food is!

Crockpots, blenders, cookware, coffee pots, electric grills, tea kettles, colanders, serving ware, wine glasses, drinking glasses, beer jugs, salad bowls, wooden skewers, egg beaters, muffin tins, bread pans, can openers, bottle toppers, punch bowls... and maybe one or two other things are stacked neatly (sometimes) in these kitchen cupboards... for the cooks in the group, we give you full permission to go buck wild in here! 

We Casa You Casa!

Reserve Now: 250-683-9800

Be the captain of the ship....He who books the house gets the master suite

  • The Master Suite allows for the maximum privacy, with 1 Queen Bed, Black-out Curtains and a separate En-Suite

Upstairs Bedroom #2

Queen Queen Bunks... The Most Fun You've Had Since Summer Camp 82'!!!

Get a Perfect Sleep in Bedroom 2 with Black out Curtains, Medium Firm Mattresses, Feather Pillows and Down-Filled Duvets 

Get a perfect sleep in bedroom 2 with Black-out curtains, Medium Firm Mattresses, Feather Pillows and Down-Filled Duvets!

Drafting is not one of our hidden talents, but this should offer a basic idea of floor layout and sleeping arrangements in the Upstairs Suite.

Downstairs Suite ...800sqft of well-appointed comfort 


Separate Entrance
Full Kitchen
Brand New Bathroom
Gear Drying Room
2 Bedrooms
2 Queen Beds
2 Twin Beds
6 Person Out-Door Hot-tub


Bathroom Cleaning
Towel Exchange 
Satellite TV
Towel Exchange 
Garbage Removal
Hot-Tub Maintenance
Snow Removal
Parking for Trucks and Trailers

Check out the little Gallery!

The Downstairs Suite Floor Plan looks something like this....

Is your group larger than 18 guests?  We have Cabins too!

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